Calculation methods the jacking force in pipe jacking technology

  • Le Hong Chuong


 Jacking force is the most crucial factor in pipe jacking engineering. The calculation of jacking force directly affects to design of back wall pipe strength and intermediate jacking station. Especially in long dis­tance pipe jacking construction, jacking force may decide the number and positions of intermediate jacking stations... The process of estimating the required jacking force to jack a pipe through the ground demands much experience and exacting judgment. There are many factors and risks affect to the determination of the jacking force that the engineers must care. In recent years, the pipe jacking technology is applied more and more for underground pipeline construction in Vietnam, especially in the big urban. This paper introduces and compares some agreeable methods which are being used in the world for estimating the required jack­ing force.

Keywords: Jacking force, Penetration resistance, Frictional resistance, Pipeline.

Received: September 20th, 2017; revised: October 27th, 2017; accepted: November 2nd, 2017


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