Journal of Science and Technology in Civil Engineering (JSTCE) under Hanoi University of Civil Engineering (HUCE) was established on 17th February 2007 under Press License No. 18/GP-BVHTT by the Ministry of Culture and Information with the publication of 4 issues a year. Later, the JSTCE was permitted to be annually published with 5 issues in Vietnamese and one issue in English in accordance with the amended and supplemented License No. 299/GP-BTTTT dated 6th June 2016 by the Ministry of Information and Communication.

With the increasing demand on publishing and exchanging research results among HUCE lecturers in particular and scientists in the country in general, the JSTCE has been allowed to further increase the number of annual publications with 3 issues in English and 5 issues in Vietnamese under the Document No. 76/BTTTT-CBC dated 12nd January 2018 by the Ministry of Information and Communication. The ISSN 1859-2996 is used for issues in English and ISSN 2615-9058 for issues in Vietnamese.

Through the process of continuous development in both quantity and quality, the JSTCE has gradually affirmed its position as a specialized scientific journal in the field of construction. The JSTCE is considered as a prestigious forum for local and international scientists to exchange and publish new research results to serve the needs of scientific research activities and application development in industry practices in the field of construction of the country, which covers the following areas: building and industrial construction; bridge and road engineering; coastal, offshore and hydraulic engineering; materials; mechanical engineering; architecture and planning; economics and management; environmental engineering; natural sciences and information technology.

The Journal of Science and Technology in Civil Engineering (JSTCE) has been putting its efforts on gradually improving the quality of published papers as well as online journal editorial procedures to meet international standards. To continue to affirm its prestige in the country and international integration, the JSTCE needs a great effort of contribution of scientists in the country and internationally.

Members of the editorial board of the Journal are happy to receive contributions from scientists all over the world by registering to become user members to submit your manuscripts and peer-review research papers submitted to the JSTCE. We highly appreciate all scientists, authors and peer-reviewers for your enthusiasms and significant contributions to the Journal of Science and Technology in Civil Engineering (JSTCE)./.