• Nguyen Cong Thanh Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering, National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE)


Discharge estimation accuracy is very important in design, operation of hydropower or irrigation project. To calculate the discharge capacity of the gated spillway, we can use the theoretical, empirical, or semi-empirical formulas. All of these equations depend on the geometry of spillway, the gate opening and the total head of the spillway. The accuracy of these equations also depends on the actual and limited conditions in each particular case. In this study, some discharge equations will be introduced and compared to data from an experimental hydraulic model of flow through the vertical gated spillway that is designed by Waterways Experiment Station (WES) shape. It indicates that the relative error of these equations was large because of the different selection of discharge coefficient in each equation. To improve the accuracy of discharge capacity, alternatively, a new formula to calculate the discharge coefficient is obtained in this field, which based on nonlinear multiple regression and ordinary least square method of recorded data. It shows that this equation agrees well with the experimental observations in given experiment conditions.

Keywords: Gated spillway; discharge equation; discharge coefficient; experimental hydraulic; multiple regression.

Received: August 16th, 2016, revised: August 29th, 2016, accepted: October 13th, 2016


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